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Evoke an Emotional Response

Session 2

Learn to reveal your artistic expressions of comfort and calm (or anxiety and frustration) through special technigues and imagery selections  Paint your expression directly onto the canvas with expressive color palettes and brush strokes.  Upon completion, we will share our work with the class to see if you have evoked your emotional response in the viewer Supplies are provided: 20” x 20” canvas, box set of professional acrylics (to take home), large variety of painting materials and instruments. You will receive guided personalized instruction. 


You will learn:

·Acquire skills to “see” like a painter,

·Learn composition – traditional - contemporary

·Discover color palette set-ups

·Gain an understanding of brush strokes & brush sizes

·See the difference between styles and content  


You will study, evaluate and copy an artwork to produce your own incredible work of art. Select from a collection of works (provided) and copy the work stroke by stroke – live inside the mind of the artist that created the original.

Or - be Bold and go direct to the canvas and PLAY!


to students for future painting reference

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LECTURE:  Evoke an Emotional Response

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