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Your brand is bigger than your logo. It's YOU. It's your first impression to the public that must resonate to be remembered!


Your design strategy must create a compelling showcase that spans across all platforms of communication and interaction.


We tell a powerful story that captivates and moves your audience to take part in your growth and evolution.



Design Expertise

Digitally Provocative

Architecturally Captivating

but most importantly...



Excellence in Branding

Your design strategy must showcase your unique Identity

Across all platforms so that there is a

Seamless interface every time you communicate with your audience!


Never has the concept of brand been more relevant. Within a decade over 77 million Millennials will displace Baby Boomers as American consumers. Millennials spend $600 billion annually and are expected to exceed over $1.4 trillion by 2020. (Nielsen)


Millennials are the Marketplace! They lead digital lives. They are social media addicts.  They expect to be marketed to across media, across devices and across channels; they expect their physical environments to simulate the virtual experience. Millennials demand interaction, connectivity, and service.


Today everyone has a brand. High-school students are encouraged to develop their “personal brand” for college applications. LinkedIn is viewed as every working person’s brand platform. Political analysts don’t discuss the Obama presidency; they discuss the Obama brand.


This is brandings golden hour, its triumphal moment. Never has the concept of brand been more relevant.         

Carpe diem!  

Meet the Team
Brenda A Andrews
Brenda A Andrews

Creative Director of Ikonology 25 years Academia 30 years Professional Artist 20 years Architectural T.I.’s 25 years Brand Development 30 years Business Mngmt. Curator, Philanthropic Events, Program Development, Global Exhibitions

Linda Kirpan Espinosa
Linda Kirpan Espinosa

As a visual branding and licensing specialist, Linda has had the pleasure of working globally 20+ years with entertainment, retail and food companies. Past clients have included Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Disney, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Target, Walmart, The BLOC, Pepperidge Farm, Campbell’s and MARS Candy.

Maxine Gaiber
Maxine Gaiber

Art Aficionado Art Critic Executive Director Gershman Y Museum Executive Director Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts Executive Director Director Education and Public Programs San Diego Museum of Art Associate Director, Education Minneapolis Institute of Arts Maxine lends her expertise and critical eye to everything that is creative! She has been a Museum Director for over 3 decades.

Scott L. Peters
Scott L. Peters

Owner | Writer at 71west creative brand advertising Promotions Strategic Concept development Insight-driven Creative, B2B Content Marketing, Decks & Presentations Radio & Broadcast scripting + production, Corporate Communications Branding + strategy Integrated marketing Mobile and social media engagement Writing for technology Partner/channel marketing

Edward Lynch
Edward Lynch

Senior Architect MODE DESIGN, love and pain and the whole damn thing, Global Sustainable Developments Pty Ltd Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Previous: GHD Pty Ltd, SKM, AVRP Studios







  • the historical analysis and interpretive study of symbols, images and their contextual significance; iconography.


  • the study of icons and/or symbolic representations.


  • transliteracy across communication platforms