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Portraits of Modern Life 

Session 1

Inspiration vs. Imitation. That’s what art is: taking an idea, combining it with other ideas and making a new work of art. 


You will learn:

·Acquire skills to “see” like a painter,

·Learn composition – traditional - contemporary

·Discover color palette set-ups

·Gain an understanding of brush strokes & brush sizes

·See the difference between styles and content  


You will study, evaluate and copy an artwork to produce your own incredible work of art. Select from a collection of works (provided) and copy the work stroke by stroke – live inside the mind of the artist that created the original.

DIGITAL IMAGES DOWNLOADABLE     to students for future  painting reference

Click on image for minute detail

LECTURE:  Portraits of Modern Life

View now

a still Life 
Ferbabdo Suarez Cabeza

Modern Portraiture 
Kenton Nelson

Rough Day_edited.jpg

Rough Day

Artist Unknown

Tenni's and Soda 


Banannas Pixels_edited_edited.jpg

Rubix Split

CS Clark

OK Emojie_edited_edited.jpg

OK. Emoji

E  br T


Lemon Lemon Lemon
Scott Fraser


Two Paint Cans

Wayne Thiebaud

Seamless Patterns_edited_edited.jpg

Language of Cloth

 Cultural Studies

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