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Realism into Abstraction

Melting the picture plane.  Showing the hand of the Artist.

Session 3

Realism art styles create the illusion of reality created through paint so the result looks more like a large, sharply focused photo than anything else. It seems more real than reality, with detail down to the last grain of sand and wrinkle on someone’s face. Where nothing is left out, nothing is too insignificant or unimportant not to be included in the painting. 


Painterly (“see the hand of the artist”) Painterly is an art style that is close to realism but celebrates more the use of paint, through evident brushwork and texture in the paint. 


Abstract (“Shape, color, pattern”) Abstract art doesn’t try to look like anything from the “real world”, it is an art style that is intentionally non-representational. The subject or point of the painting is the colors used, the textures in the artwork, the materials used to create it - The Artists Imprint! 


You will learn:

·Acquire skills to “see” like a painter,

·Learn composition – traditional - contemporary

·Discover color palette set-ups

·Gain an understanding of brush strokes & brush sizes

·See the difference between styles and content  


Be Bold and go direct to the canvas and PLAY!


to students for future painting reference

Click on image for minute detail

LECTURE:  Realism into Abstraction

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