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Ikonology Studios

Uncovers, interprets, and disrupts cultural, social, and historical themes into the

Art of Communication. 

We curate Experience

Visual Communication 
And The Human Experience

  • The power to connect the seemingly unconnected is Creativity. 

  • Passion unleashes Creativity and pushes the boundaries to take risks and reimagine possibilities.

  • Technology enables a synthetic stream of creativity, information and content - an ever-evolving landscape for interaction within ourselves, communities and workspaces. 


Visual Communications transcend traditional ideas, patterns, and relationships. They assert new methods, and interpretations that deeply resonate with our Humanity.

Breadth of Work

Brenda Andrews, Studio Owner, is an accomplished Creative professional with deep experience in the corporate, non-profit, commercial, and academic arenas. She is respected in the industry for her endless creativity, proven work ethic, and dedication to excellence.  Andrews is an innovative, strategic intellectual that keeps an eye on the big picture with highly focused tactical execution to meet objectives. Outstanding verbal and written communication skills to craft, position, and disseminate programs that resonate with targeted audiences and drive results. A robust collaborator and relationship builder with all levels of staff, management, and business partners. A great leader and mentor.
Creative Instructional Design

Instructional Design

Curatorial Installations

Professor 20 years

Creative Commercial Work

Communication Direction

Creative Direction

Art Direction

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Fundraising Projects

Corporate Philanthropy

Community Outreach Projects

Art Portfolio

Global Consortium Women Artists

Museum Collaborations



Art Collector & Connoisseur

 "As an honored owner/collector of several of Brenda Andrews's artworks, I am excited to see her offering a series of studio art classes at the Center for the Arts, Escondido. As an artist, Brenda's works are beautiful, intellectually engaging, tactile and sublime. Her knowledge of art history is vast, and her ability to share that knowledge in lay terms as well as practical ones is impressive, to say the least. Those taking any classes with her will be lucky to have the opportunity to learn from a master artist and instructor who is creative, accomplished, ebullient, and well-traveled."

Esther Fischer

Passionate Art Student – Private Sessions

"I have had the unique experience of having Brenda Andrews as a private art instructor and mentor. I am not a trained artist, yet I am drawn to paint. She has given me confidence in my abilities by teaching me how to look through an artist's eyes and understand the foundational aspects of composition, color, and light. She has also taught me how to draw using a guide from something that appeals to me, applying different techniques for my expression. I recently finished a painting and gave it as a gift; I was proud to paint my name on it. I cannot say enough about her ability to teach individually, presenting a wide variety of methodologies to achieve the artistry I desire. She works with one's unique skills and then helps you to create a beautiful piece of art. She is a lovely artist who has taught at top Universities and has been commissioned to do master works of art worldwide. "

Liz Jamieson-Dunne

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